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Kenosha Veteran's Memorial

Public Safety Newsclip
Gettysburg Marker
Civil War/1812 Monument
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Bosman's News
Founded  1957
A seven foot tall soldier in bronze sculpted by Frank Colicki, the monument lists all soldiers from Kenosha lost in all major wars since 1845. Dedication on Veteran's Day 2004. 
In the Public Interest 
Veteran's Memorial (Lakefront Veteran's Park- Kenosha, WI)
This stone is as old as the dinosaurs themselves- white limestone. 
Carthage Dinosaur Museum (Kenosha, WI)
Designed in partnership with the departments, the three-sided obelisk (on a round base) is situated in the mall area of the Civil War Museum.  Every May 10th, the memorial serves as a backdrop for the Solemn National Law Enforcement Day gathering.
Police/Fire/Sheriff Dept. Memorial (Civil War Musuem mall area- Kenosha, WI)
Highlighting a Blue Silk granite cross with Jet Black wings.
The design is by Gary Van Koningsveld. The rose carving is Mr. Bosman's.
Lequia Family Memorial
Memorials On a Bit Larger Scale
Vignieri Family Memorial
Wonderfully sculpted of Barre Rock of Ages Granite. The family of Kenosha Beef International, founders Charlie and Lorraine.
Lou Perrine Family Memorial
Sculpted in Chicago of African Jet Black granite, Perrine may feature the most exquisitely detailed figures in St. George Cemetery. The Perrine name is well known in Kenosha sports circles and the family business is still very active.
This memorial was constructed in 2007.
Pleasant Prairie Veteran's Memorial
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