SURFACE BRIGHT LETTERING is created by removing the polished surface of the stone. Surface bright lettering has the best contrast on black or dark granites.
FROSTED OUTLINE LETTERING consists of a non-polished letter set against a polished background with an incised line around each letter.
INCISED LETTERING is the most commonly 
used form. It is deep cut and helps accentuate 
a stone design, highlight an individual or stand centrally in a family name.
POLISHED-OUTLINED LETTERS consist of polished letters against a non-polished background. These generally have an incised line that helps define each adjacent letter or design.
ENGAGED LETTERING is very impressive. The polish is taken off the letters and the background is cut away leaving 
a deep recess as a background banner. The shadows from this style are pronounced and are well suited for family headstones.
The POLISHED-RAISED or CHISEL-CUT (also Inlaid or "Delano" named after the company that made them popular) lettering styles are not used 
as often as they used to be. Though common for decades in the past, the craftsmanship and time required to execute them is quite involved.
Just as there are numerous styles of  lettering, there are also different types of engraved designs. 
Pictures and portraits can be cut or etched into granite as well.  Visit our ETCHING 
and CARVING pages for examples. While carving and lettering is mostly 2-dimensional, 
we also offer 3-dimensional SCULPTURE which will elevate any memorial to a true art form.
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Below are examples of the most commonly used methods of engraving lettering into granite.
As far as a particular font is concerned, NOT EVERY FONT WILL WORK AS AN ENGRAVABLE FONT.  We have access to every ENGRAVABLE font.