Does the cemetery in which your grave space is located have rules or restrictions concerning memorials? 
Yes. Most cemeteries have specific regulations regarding the style, size and shape of memorials they'll allow.  Some even restrict the size according to which section of the cemetery the interment is in.  Your local memorial dealer should know all the rules that would govern your selection.  It should be their responsibility to help and guide you in the right direction.  

How soon after the funeral should I purchase the memorial? 
The truth is that you have no real time constraints.  You should purchase a memorial when you are ready.  Try not to let anyone rush you into it, and try not to rush through the process.  Consider your options, and make a sound decision.  Do it once and wisely, because it will be the longest-lasting purchase you will ever make.

Is the burial on a family plot? 
Family plots are not as common as in previous years.  Family dynamics can change during the course of one's life.  Monuments very often reflect these changes.  Occasionally, it may be necessary to examine existing family lots to view existing memorials, check granite type, size and what style of lettering/engraving is on the monument.  It should be a free service from your monument dealer to check the cemetery situation ahead of time to best inform you how to proceed.

Will the memorial be for one person, or should a second person’s place be allowed for? 
Family situations are generally a deciding factor.  A married couple, especially, would be prime candidates for a companion memorial.  Add to that the fact that it’s much more reasonable to purchase a larger single-piece “double” than two smaller individual “singles.”  This often makes choosing the right monument relatively easy.

Is this memorial for a traditional burial, or for a cremation?
Generally, two or more cremations can be interred on a single grave space.  This is not true in every cemetery.  The monument dealer can check your situation for you.
What are memorials made of?
Nearly all monuments are made of granite or bronze. Granite will last centuries, and, if properly engraved, show no change. Bronze, produced in a casting plant, must have its composition certified by the manufacturer.
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Its difficult to know how to begin the process of choosing a memorial. There are a few things that we typically ask in order to help us guide you through this process.  Below are some of those things, along with some additional information for you to consider.
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